Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to Show SEO Value

This next post is for fellow SEO consultants, freelancers and SEO service providers. Search engine optimization value comes in many different shapes and sizes it depends on the client and how they will respond to that value. I think hiccups occur and relationships are torn when people depend on the entire success of their company from a search engine optimization campaign that is about to start. SEO is a seed that when planted needs constant watering in order to grow over the long term. Try exploring the value of SEO in a different fashion.

By definition the process of search engine optimization is not to increase sales although that is the ultimate goal. SEO is supposed to bring more traffic to your site. Whether the horse wants to drink the water is whole other story. Look at your analytics information and take a look to see if you are receiving any more visitors. Look at all aspects not just the unique visitors. Look at entrance keywords and how people are finding you. Examine the new keywords that are dropping visitors to certain internal web pages.

Google Webmaster Tools
Install Google Webmaster tools so you can see the physical links being created pointing directly at your website. Link building is a very important part of creating a solid search marketing campaign and in order to have visitors finding your web site you are going to have to create some links. Google Webmaster Tools will give you a nice solid breakdown of all the links that are pointing to your site which is a very important area to look at when trying to determine the value of your search marketing spend.

Search Results
Look at the search results from time to time in order to see what is making its way there for your company name can give you some insight as well. If you are taking an aggressive search marketing approach you will most likely start to see the search results for your company name start to fill up nicely. Looking at this takes time depending on how much information you are putting out there but it will take time to see this area fill up.

Search engine optimization is not all about sales. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink so if your service or product stinks people are not going to want to buy anything.

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