Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

As a marketer, your job is to cut through the clutter and deliver an engaging email that gets opened and produces results. Here are a few tips that will help you do exactly that.
  • Give subscribers what they want: Send relevant and interesting emails because when your subscribers know that there is something valuable on the other side of the subject line, your open rates will increase and offer something of value in every email you send, such as industry research, tips and tricks, discounts.
  • Get to know your readers: You need to understand what your subscribers care about. Once you know what individual readers want, you can segment them into groups based on their interests.
  • Be consistent: Campaigns that have a consistent look and feel will be more effective in helping your prospects absorb information. You should maintain brand standards in design, tone, and personality and use the same sender name and address throughout your campaigns.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Valuable SEO Link Building Tips

SEO link building is one of the most crucial methods for website promotion which is helping your website appear higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).
Here are some valuable tips for search engine optimization link building:
  • Select Higher Quality Links: Always select higher quality links because of greater optimization benefits compared to low quality links. There are several factors that can determine the quality of website links. These are:
    • The reputation and trustworthiness of the domain giving the website links.
    • Anchor text should be on your website’s niche keywords.
    • The link's location within the site structure. Better to select hope page where your anchor text should be.
    • Website links at the top of a webpage are more visible than those at the bottom.
    • Select a page having less out bound links.
  • Write Useful, Relevant and Interesting Content: Always try to use relevant, fresh and interesting content so that other will add your websites naturally. This is one of the effective methods for getting SEO links from other websites
  • SEO Link Building with Blog and RSS Feeds: Promoting your site via blogs and RSS feeds is an easy and great way to boost your site's exposure and SEO link building opportunities. Blog readers are always looking for interesting sites and posts.
  • Submit Your Site to Directories: Another easy way to get website links is through directory submissions. Select good PR directories and submit your websites in these directories. It is advisable to use manual directory submission because major directories never approved your automated submissions.
  • Research on Your Competitors' SEO Links: A good way to start your SEO link building efforts is to look up the sites that are providing links to the websites of your competitors and try to approach that websites for link building.
    There are many SEO link building tools that can help you check your competitors' SEO links. SEOBook Back Link Analyzer provides comprehensive backlink information. It's free, but only runs on Windows. There's also the impressive (paid) SEO SpyGlass, which runs on Mac, Linux and Windows.
  • Writing and Submitting Articles: Write your article as useful, informative and interesting as possible and submit it to popular articles websites eg. EzineArticles, is a popular article site that allows you to post writings, as well as build website links.
  • Purchase Links and Look for Link Brokers: It is advisable to permanently purchase these one-way website links. The reason why Google is cracking down on link renting is that these SEO links are there on your site one day, and then suddenly disappears once you stop renting them.
  • Use Local Directories: Website owners who have a brick and mortar business can find local directories very useful in their search engine optimization link building campaign. If your business is in the United States, for instance, you can submit your site to the Better Business Bureau or the Chambers of Commerce. Not only will you receive high quality SEO links, your website will also appear in regional searches, or even rank higher.
  • Press Releases: If you write something very interesting about your business, website or company, there's a good chance that your press release will be picked up by news organizations, such as This can be a huge website visitation and SEO link building opportunity for websites.
  • Participate in Forums: Interacting in communities and forums is another great, not to mention free, way of getting SEO links that point to your website. Forum users are usually free to post links to their websites in the footer of their profile or posts. Just make sure that you're not spamming.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Top 5 Google Operators For Every SEO

If you are an SEO, then using the following operators will help you gather quite a bit of actionable data, as well as information to provide your clients with on their monthly report. So, prepare to get your Google on and make usage of some advanced queries via the operators I’m about to discuss below.
  1. Site Operator : The site: operator returns results based solely on the Web site ( or domain extension (edu, com, net, info, biz, org, us, in, you define. Example: or site:com domain-name “SEO Expert India”
  2. Link Operator: The link: operator shows you all the pages Google has indexed that link to a page you define.Example:
  3. Cache Operator: The cache: operator will show you Google’s most recently cached version of a page in its index if it has a cached version of that page. Example:
  4. Info Operator: The info: operator provides quick links to various data points (namely, the site:, cache:, link:, and related: operators) about a Web site you specify. Example:
  5. Related Operator: The related: operator returns results that are similar to the content of a Web page you specify. Example:

Tips for Writing SEO Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of creating web pages in such a way that they rank higher in a search engine’s search results. Websites that want to promote their products and services through article marketing provide content with SEO in mind. An effective article writer and an SEO Expert can create content with the goal of targeting prospects and drawing in potential clients.
Here are some tips so you can write effective SEO content.
  • Write a draft without any of the technicalities in mind
  • Make sure your content is relevant
  • Strategically use keywords in your content
  • Use lists in your article
  • Proofread your work

Friday, January 14, 2011

Social Media Marketing for SEO

One of the fastest-growing and most effective ways to reach your target market these days is through social media. If you have hired an SEO Company, chances are your SEO efforts already or are going to include social media. So, how can you make social media work for your company?

It seems like nearly everyone has either a Facebook page or a Twitter profile, but it also seems that many do not know how to proactively reach their audience and speak to their potential customers. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when looking for an SEO Company or trying yourself to build your social media presence:
  • Create a blog and update it regularly: This will help you inform your target audience of company news or topics that may interest them outside of purchasing your products.
  • Link your blog to your Facebook and Twitter accounts: This will allow you to automatically inform your “friends” and “followers” of new posts, proactively reminding them to connect with your company.
  • Tweet about more than just your company and products: Your followers are likely to tune you out if they see the same updates trying to sell products every day. For example, if you own a surfboard shop, your customers are likely to be interested in surfing competitions. Linking to the latest competition results can build a more personal relationship with your consumer base.
  • Make connections on Facebook: More than just “friending” industry leaders and business partners, it is important to reach out to your audience. Let them know of special promotions that can only be found on that page (via promo codes). Ask for feedback or hold raffles to generate buzz around your brand.
  • Make sure to make your presence known: Your SEO Company is likely to lay out a plan for managing your social media presence. Updating too often can turn off consumers, while updating not often enough can lead to people forgetting about your company altogether.
With these tips in mind, you can start to develop your own social media strategy or enlist the help of a professional SEO Company. Either way, embracing new Internet marketing strategies will be vital if you want to reach your target audience.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Major Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Affiliate marketing is a very simple concept. Almost anyone can make money with it very easily. But there are a few things you can do that can derail your efforts big time.

If you know these things before you get started, then you have a much better chance of making really good money right from the start. If you’ve already started your affiliate marketing efforts, you may be making these mistakes already.

But it’s never too late. You can start turning your campaigns around right now, and it only takes a few minor changes in most cases. In fact, just a few easy changes can quickly increase your income. Perhaps doubling, tripling, or even more the amount you make!

Few are the affiliate marketing mistakes that need to be careful while you are running an affiliate online marketing:
  • Not building a list an email list
  • Poor choice of affiliate programs
  • Putting too many or too few ads
  • Paying too much for PPC ads
  • Poor quality traffic

7 Tips for Local Search Optimization

Search Engines have 2 mainly goals: to deliver satisfying results responding to users’ expressed needs (search queries) and to meet these needs filtered to people’s physical location. Consequently optimizing the online presence of your business for both web and local search results will take you one step forward against your market competitors.
We are sharing some tips on how to optimize your local search listing and on how to submit your business to the major Search Engine’s Local services, Google Places, Yahoo! Local Listings and Bing Listing Center.

General tips for local search listings
  1. Add your official website URL, business, products, and contact details.
  2. Insert the most important keywords on the texts.
  3. Take advantage of this online presence by adding corporate logo, photos of your store and/or products along with videos.
  4. Check if there are any third party listings of your business or mistakenly located listings.
  5. Authenticate your listing and claim ownership in order to have control and to provide official and updated information.
  6. Use coupons for offers to run short term campaigns for your business.
  7. Regularly study the impressions and links provided by reporting analytics.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Five Steps to SMO Success

If you are interested in your site being a hit with the social media networks, you will need to do some work on your pages. Social media participants are likely to react better to your site if you give them signs that you’re on their level. The way you do this is by putting buttons and tags from their favourite social media sites around your own website.

You should optimise for social media by keeping the following five things in mind:
  1. Ease of Use: Make things easy for social media users by including their favourite social bookmarking buttons in prominent places. Do some research on your target user groups to find out which social media buttons are most likely to appeal to them.
  2. Fresh Content: Search engine optimisation experts recommend that sites are supplied with constant fresh content to attract the search engines. Fresh content is important for social media optimisation as well as SEO. Social media participants are used to a real-time torrent of information. A stale site won’t impress them.
  3. Reward Participants: It’s important to give people a reason to interact with your site. It’s almost as important to show that you appreciate this interaction. Rewards for participation don’t have to be substantial, but small things will encourage other internet users to participate on your site. You could reward your site’s users simply by posting your favourite comments on your homepage.
  4. Give Back: The interaction on social media networks is all about giving. The unwritten rules dictate that if someone befriends you, gives you a comment, or links to you, you should reciprocate. In replying to comments and reciprocating posts, you’re taking advantage of the system.
  5. Allow Your Content to Travel: Allowing your site’s users to take your content and forward it on is one way to get your SMO campaign to work off your pages.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Why Social Media is Important to SEO

SEO experts talk an awful lot about social media. Lots of businesses have boarded the runaway train that is social media, believing that it will ultimately bring hoards of new traffic to their site. Some of those businesses have experienced unbelievable success; however, some of them have experienced great disappointment.

Despite what enthusiasts say, there is no guarantee that a social media campaign is going to be of great benefit to your website’s search engine optimisation strategy. If you pick the wrong social media site, if you pick the wrong group, even if you pick the wrong time to make your posts, your plan is in danger of failing. Social media is a tricky area and even those who have studied it from the very beginning can have trouble staying ahead of it.

If social media is so hard to get into, you may ask, why is it so attractive to SEO experts? The various social media sites around the net are tempting to SEO pros because of two reasons:
  1. They provide access to specific groups of internet users, meaning that a business can talk to its target users all in one place.
  2. Social media sites also present some very tempting opportunities to seed links, assisting a website’s off-page SEO campaign.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What is Web 2.0 Property

The term internet property is nothing but a web page and Web 2.0 is an interactive platform that gives the internet users lot of freedom to express themselves on the internet in a variety of ways using a number of inbuilt tools.

Today Web 2.0 has grown to have multiple platforms such has blogs, social networking websites such as Facebook, Flickr, YouTube etc. However our interest here is on websites that will allow us to create your own web pages.

Most Common SEO Mistake

The world of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is so very in depth and huge it would literally take a life time to read all of the information out there. By the time that we read everything it would be completely different. The world of SEO changes daily and one of the most common mistakes that new comers make is that they dont think about keyword research before they start their projects.

Keyword research is the most important part of SEO and it is the most neglected aspect of this art form. We have to try to find a good balance between the level of competition of our keyphrases and the about of traffic we expect to receive from that particular phrase. Most new webmasters believe that if they throw up a website on any topic people will flock to their websites. This is simply not true. How can you get visitors of no one knows you exists?

The first thing we need to do is site down a figure out what people are typing in the major search engines to find our product or service. Then we have to look at all of the variations of that particular phrase to determine what phrases people use to buy our products. There are many tools for this some include – Google Keyword tool, Wordtracker and many others out there.

After we get a good list of keywords we have to determine levels of competition and we also need to understand our limitations and what phrases we can target realistically. Once this is done we are ready to build our website around these golden keywords that we are more likely to be able to rank for and have a higher probability of people finding and buying our products with.

If this step is skipped or overlooked all of our hard work and effort will likely go down the drain. So take the time to do it right and get started on a good note with proper keyword research and that will lead to great SEO.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Facebook SEO Vs Regular SEO

Using Facebook SEO can get a bit tricky since the social media SEO benefits are indirect. On the one hand, Facebook also has lots of search potential. In fact, many Facebook users today are blurring the lines between social and search. External websites are being tied up to FB's internal systems, allowing the social media site to hop on the search market bandwagon.

With that said, seriously consider integrating Facebook Web promotion in your online marketing efforts now before you miss out on great online marketing opportunities.

Moreover, FB isn't exactly a search engine; or at least it's not an Internet search tool we're used to. Nonetheless, one other nagging issue is hitting the heads of SEO experts: Should Google worry about Facebook Web promotion's SEO potential?

Ever since the social network's search engine enhancements and open graph were announced, the SEO world increasingly heard about Facebook SEO. What's more is that Facebook and Microsoft has partnered, and that Bing will start integrating FB features in searches.

It may be too early to say that Facebook SEO has Google shaking at the knees. What this tells us is that social media has made a great impact on search engine optimization. While Facebook remains the most popular social network today, there are other social media sites can provide direct link building benefits. LinkedIn, for instance, allows you freely to embed valuable inbound links. There's also Digg, which has become a destination for social media SEO and even link spamming.

Social Media SEO has immensely evolved over the last ten years or so. It may take a while for you to build an account in each of the major social media sites, but it's definitely worth it. Moreover, Facebook web promotion and marketing via social media is a fun online marketing strategy. Make the most of this lucrative social media SEO to reap the rewards.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to Select the Best SEO Services Company for Best SEO Results

Search Engine Optimization can assistance we to capture intensity trade to your website as good as to enhance your online business. SEO helps to enlarge online participation of your website between a visitors as good as poke engines as well. It can be completed by aloft ranking of your website in a formula page with a assistance of most suitable SEO services. Now, it becomes unequivocally critical for any website owners to name a veteran association for most suitable SEO services.
  • All SEO use providers can’t assistance we grasp aim in conditions of intensity trade as good as poke engine ranking. You should name a most suitable SEO services association delicately to get limit good from SEO of your website. There have been a little necessary elements by that we can name a most suitable association to optimize your site as good as foster for your online business.
  • The initial thing to establish a peculiarity is a website research inform rebuilt by a SEO company. Normally, prior to starting poke engine optimization of a website a pre- research inform is rebuilt by an gifted SEO veteran of a association gripping in thoughts a discipline of a poke engines as good as recommendations have been referred to to urge a peculiarity of a website.
  • The best SEO services association takes caring of both on-page as good as off-page optimization of a website as good as determines what modifications should be finished to arrange aloft in a poke engines formula page. It’s necessary for any website to grasp tip 10 list of poke engines. But, usually a most suitable SEO services provider can assistance we to strech there.
  • Another critical cause that helps in tip 10 ranking of any website is a preference of applicable keywords or poke phrases. Selection of suitable keywords by improved keyword research enhances a chances of removing during tip easily. Keywords with tall poke volume move some-more trade to a website as compared to low poke volume keywords.
  • Competitors research plays an critical purpose for improved poke engine optimization as good as ranking of a website. Proper research as good as believe of a competitors opening helps in last a SEO plan as good as structure peculiarity links to a website to surpass a opponents. The most suitable SEO services providers believe upon a poke engines function should not be abandoned whilst selecting a most suitable SEO services company. It determines a ranking for comparison keywords as good as destiny opening of your website.
  • SEO services have been in effect usually when peculiarity behind links have been generated by an in effect couple structure strategy. One should concentration upon peculiarity of links instead of apportion of links. The best SEO services association helps your website in structure peculiarity behind links as good as achieving improved ranking for a comparison keywords. More no of peculiarity behind links additionally assistance in augmenting a Page Rank that mostly attracts some-more intensity visitors to your website.
  • You can get a most suitable earnings from your online commercial operation if your website achieves initial page ranking upon vital poke engines similar to Google, Yahoo as good as Bing. This can usually be completed when we name a most suitable SEO services association to foster your website. Another critical cause is a cost for their SEO services. You need to be clever sufficient to name a most suitable SEO services association in conditions of cost as good as performance.