Friday, January 14, 2011

Social Media Marketing for SEO

One of the fastest-growing and most effective ways to reach your target market these days is through social media. If you have hired an SEO Company, chances are your SEO efforts already or are going to include social media. So, how can you make social media work for your company?

It seems like nearly everyone has either a Facebook page or a Twitter profile, but it also seems that many do not know how to proactively reach their audience and speak to their potential customers. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when looking for an SEO Company or trying yourself to build your social media presence:
  • Create a blog and update it regularly: This will help you inform your target audience of company news or topics that may interest them outside of purchasing your products.
  • Link your blog to your Facebook and Twitter accounts: This will allow you to automatically inform your “friends” and “followers” of new posts, proactively reminding them to connect with your company.
  • Tweet about more than just your company and products: Your followers are likely to tune you out if they see the same updates trying to sell products every day. For example, if you own a surfboard shop, your customers are likely to be interested in surfing competitions. Linking to the latest competition results can build a more personal relationship with your consumer base.
  • Make connections on Facebook: More than just “friending” industry leaders and business partners, it is important to reach out to your audience. Let them know of special promotions that can only be found on that page (via promo codes). Ask for feedback or hold raffles to generate buzz around your brand.
  • Make sure to make your presence known: Your SEO Company is likely to lay out a plan for managing your social media presence. Updating too often can turn off consumers, while updating not often enough can lead to people forgetting about your company altogether.
With these tips in mind, you can start to develop your own social media strategy or enlist the help of a professional SEO Company. Either way, embracing new Internet marketing strategies will be vital if you want to reach your target audience.

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