Thursday, June 2, 2011

12 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

While working on increasing traffic of a website from organic search, we should have to keep in mind some basic ways. Here I am writing some basic ways to increase your websites traffic:
  • Blog commenting: Comment on a popular blog or website related to your niche. Use a thought provoking question to draw attention and get some conversation started. Use keywords in your comment and you may drive some good traffic.
  • Article commenting: Go to article directories and search an article related to your website or product. Pick a famous article site and leave a comment under one of the articles. Popular articles will get many views and with your link at the bottom, you can drive some visitors to your own website.
  • Social bookmarking sites: Use social bookmarking websites like Digg or Twitter. When you post new content on your website, be sure to send the links to popular social bookmarking sites.
  • Article submission: Gather a list of article submission sites that rank high on the Google search engine. Submit your articles to these sites with your link at the bottom. High ranking article sites are prone to get listed on the search engines and you can get a lot of traffic through high page rank.
  • Mailing list: Create a mailing list from your most beloved fans. As long as people choose to receive mail, you can probably get away with a lot of consistent traffic to your website. A great way to remind your followers of new content!
  • Forums in your niche: Participate in a forum related to your site and add a signature link to your website. This is a surefire way of getting traffic to your website.
  • Free advertising forums: There are many free advertising forums that you can post on to spread the word of your website or product. Join these forums and get more traffic to your website through this free advertising method
  • Exchange links: Exchange links with a popular website that is related to your very own. This is a great way to get traffic from other websites that are bringing in many viewers.
  • Advertisements: Use advertisements such as Adsense or pay famous websites related to your niche to post ads on their sites for a set fee.
  • Submit your website to search engines: Submit your website URL to famous search engines like Google and Yahoo. This will enter your website to result on search engine pages for the keywords you choose.
  • Post content at regular intervals: Google loves to give people the latest updates for what they are searching for. Post at regular intervals and the web crawlers will see you post regularly. This will automatically get you better SEO and you will drive more traffic to your website.
  • Quality content: Create quality content on your website. So much so that people will be sure to come back for more later. Ongoing followers are a great way to increase traffic to your website. The more followers you have, the more it will entice other people to become followers! Keep them coming back for more!


delhiseocompany01 said...

Good points in order to increase the traffic of a website. I will use these to my website. thanks for letting us know!

Marcus Victor said...

You got good points here except for link exchange. With the current updates of Panda and Penguin, link exchange will definitely hurt your website big time. Link exchange could be very spammy at times and that's what Google has been avoiding. I think, instead of exchanging links, why don't you drive instant traffic through ppc advertising? PPC advertisement is a legit way of promoting your product/brand. That way, you won't get penalized by search engine. Thanks for the well-thought-of post.

pankaj kumar said...
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