Friday, September 27, 2013

Hummingbird Google's New Algorithm Update

Google Hummingbird is the new Google algorithm by Google. To celebrate their 15th birthday (September 26, 2013), Google launched a new "Hummingbird" algorithm, claiming that Google search can be a more human way to interact with users and provide a more direct answer. Google claims that its Hummingbird algorithm offers a more natural way to use its search engines.


The new update "Hummingbird" is precise and fast & it has affected 90% of search hits. Google has implemented these changes to provide search results geared around more of the actual phrase typed in, rather than just focus on one or two keywords.

Google's semantic search approach is seeking to provide more accurate search results by both understanding intent and refining results based on context such as location and other data they know about the searcher. Thus with Hummingbird Google is trying to understand the whole query and not the keywords. Amit Singhal, Google VP of Search says "With more complex queries, the algorithm can better understand concepts vs. words as well as relationships between concepts."