Saturday, January 8, 2011

Most Common SEO Mistake

The world of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is so very in depth and huge it would literally take a life time to read all of the information out there. By the time that we read everything it would be completely different. The world of SEO changes daily and one of the most common mistakes that new comers make is that they dont think about keyword research before they start their projects.

Keyword research is the most important part of SEO and it is the most neglected aspect of this art form. We have to try to find a good balance between the level of competition of our keyphrases and the about of traffic we expect to receive from that particular phrase. Most new webmasters believe that if they throw up a website on any topic people will flock to their websites. This is simply not true. How can you get visitors of no one knows you exists?

The first thing we need to do is site down a figure out what people are typing in the major search engines to find our product or service. Then we have to look at all of the variations of that particular phrase to determine what phrases people use to buy our products. There are many tools for this some include – Google Keyword tool, Wordtracker and many others out there.

After we get a good list of keywords we have to determine levels of competition and we also need to understand our limitations and what phrases we can target realistically. Once this is done we are ready to build our website around these golden keywords that we are more likely to be able to rank for and have a higher probability of people finding and buying our products with.

If this step is skipped or overlooked all of our hard work and effort will likely go down the drain. So take the time to do it right and get started on a good note with proper keyword research and that will lead to great SEO.

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