Thursday, January 20, 2011

Top 5 Google Operators For Every SEO

If you are an SEO, then using the following operators will help you gather quite a bit of actionable data, as well as information to provide your clients with on their monthly report. So, prepare to get your Google on and make usage of some advanced queries via the operators I’m about to discuss below.
  1. Site Operator : The site: operator returns results based solely on the Web site ( or domain extension (edu, com, net, info, biz, org, us, in, you define. Example: or site:com domain-name “SEO Expert India”
  2. Link Operator: The link: operator shows you all the pages Google has indexed that link to a page you define.Example:
  3. Cache Operator: The cache: operator will show you Google’s most recently cached version of a page in its index if it has a cached version of that page. Example:
  4. Info Operator: The info: operator provides quick links to various data points (namely, the site:, cache:, link:, and related: operators) about a Web site you specify. Example:
  5. Related Operator: The related: operator returns results that are similar to the content of a Web page you specify. Example:

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