Tuesday, January 14, 2014

6 On-page SEO Factors for Search Engine Rankings

Here are six the most important on-page items to focus on for SEO success. Top six SEO Factors to boost your site in the search engine rankings are:
  • Using high-quality, original content
  • Ensuring your keyword is in the first 50 words of your main content
  • Having a keyword density of ~1%
  • Word your title tags carefully
  • Include your keyword in your anchor text
  • Use H1 tags (and use them well)
Benefits of On Page SEO
  • Reduce Your Bounce Rate
  • Search Engines Easily Understand Your topic
  • New Content Will Index by Search Engines Fast and Easy
  • Increase Time on Visit on Your Site
  • Readers Can Find Another page easily
  • Increase Your sites or blogs Positions on SERP

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