Thursday, December 23, 2010

Important SEO Terms & Meanings

  1. Keyword Basics: The fastest results are seen in targeting a larger number of lower level competitive terms.
  2. Create Great URLS: If you already have a site that you cannot adjust the page structure to accommodate keywords in your URLs, then consider buying additional domains (building mini sites) to support various segments within your niche. These additional mini sites will drive traffic to your main domain.
  3. Find Long Tail Keywords: Add longer tail keywords into your URL will help as well. Do a quick search and you will see most “experts” agree that the buyers are found with the Long Tail Terms. Boost your earnings through driving more of the right type of traffic….buyers
  4. Use Latent Semantic Indexing: The more content you have on your site about the general topic, the better your site will do for the specifics within that niche. That’s how a site becomes an authority on a topic.
  5. Dive into PPC: One sure way to confirm that the keywords you’re targeting with your SEO efforts will drive the right type of traffic is to pay to get them their 1st. If they don’t buy then target a different keyword phrase.
  6. Optimize your Images: Don’t overdo it. Some people will read that and then force a bunch of keywords in every image on their site. The idea is to do what you would typically do but this time do it “right”. If the image is relevant – name it something relevant. Oh, and also, if it is a button or something else that isn’t relevant to your niche, name it something with numbers, as in, 1010104561.jpg.
  7. Optimize your Title Tag: When giving each page its own title, try and include product model or product names to help drive targeted traffic.
  8. META Tag Notes: The META description is what the searcher will read in the organic listing so try and make it sound compelling and give the searcher a reason to click on your site.
  9. Link Building, What Not to Do: It’s best to build links over time from high value sites. Think of sites that are in your niche that you consider the highest value and work directly with them to get a link to your site.
  10. Link Building, What you Should Do: Link Bait is content that is so good that people want to talk about it. One way to do this is provide content that is controversial.
  11. Don’t Forget Canonicalization: Talk to your techie about implementing this strategy. WordPress has a great plug-in for this that makes it really easy….yet another reason why I LOVE WordPress.
  12. Stick with HTML: As I stated in #12, I love WordPress. Why, well one of the main engineers at Google said it best, “WordPress does 80-90% Google loves without changing a setting”. If you haven’t already I would look for ways to use WordPress in your business.

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