Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Select the Right Keywords for SEO Campaign

Selecting the right keywords to target for your website is one of great job for increasing traffic through organic search. We can select right keywords by analysis our business and targeted audience.

Here are some ways to know, you are selecting the right keywords within your SEO Campaign:
  • Conversion Tracking: Through Google Adwords campaign we can choose niche keywords for getting more traffic. If you are using pay per click advertising you should be tracking all your conversions to see which keywords are generating business for you and which are not.
  • Bounce Rate: By analyzing bounce rate from Google Analytics you can choose which keywords are getting less percentage and having good bounce rate.
  • Keywords in Analytics: Your analytics information will show you which keywords are pulling in traffic to your website. It is important to look at this regularly because if you are loading up your site for optimization with certain keywords that are not pulling in traffic this data will tell you.

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